The Travel Agents Directory allows you to search for the contact details such as office addresses, office telephones and fax numbers of all existing licensed travel agents in Singapore. From the Directory, you can also enquire if a travel agent had ceased its travel operations or had its licence being suspended or revoked by the Board.

To begin, simply enter or select the search criteria. You can also click on the 'List all' button to view the whole list of active, ceased, suspended and revoked travel agents.

This list is currently available for downloading and printing at no charges.

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Please note that:
  • 'Niche Licence' - A travel agent holding a Niche licence can ONLY sell or arrange tours with conveyance within Singapore, without accommodation.
  • 'General Licence' - A travel agent holding a General licence can carry out ALL travel agent activities.
  • 'Active' - Holds a valid licence and able to carry on the business of a travel agent.
  • 'Licensed but Inactive' - Holds a valid licence but company is temporarily not carrying on the business of a travel agent.
  • 'Ceased' - Cannot or does not conduct the business of a travel agent anymore.
  • 'Pending Renewal' - Licence has expired but attempting to fulfil renewal requirements. Cannot conduct the business of a travel agent until the company has a valid licence.
  • 'Suspended' - Licence has been taken away temporarily and is unable to carry on the business of a travel agent in this status.
  • 'Revoked' - Licence has been taken away and is unable to carry on the business of a travel agent.

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